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a litre stand at 6 SDG in Rumbek, approximately 2.14$ USD how long will traders hold up with fuel trade if no rescue on the current situation.


Many rural villages in South Sudan and in Northern Bahr el Ghazal in particular have been surviving with problems mostly caused by war, these include water, health, and education facilities.
People in rural villages both high land and low-lying areas feel neglected by their government and now thinking hard how they would meet their own basic needs for the livelihood despite government and agencies assurance of support that is being delayed.
I visited two villages in Gok-Nhom, Malith and War-cum, to see their condition, they are in and it is also the same in other villages that require immediate attention on their issues of concerns in all villages in Northern Bahr El Ghazal state.
People in the rural villages in highlands literally known as “Gok-Nhom” in Dinka where large number of the local population reside say life is difficult for them.
Many people living there are far from major towns where services on health, better water resources can be found.
Elders and residents who spoke to Nhomlau FM in Malith and War-cum villages say life is difficult for them all in their localities.
They have been staying for centuries without clean drinking water but dependent on wells, and seasonal pools during the rainy season and now appealing to the state government concerned for help.
Their concerns are many, but they include scarce drinking water.
An elder says they need an assistance on water service.
He asks why there is no attention on lack of drinking better water as it’s a major problems now in the dry season.
DENG VOICE “My name is Deng Koc Yai, says there is no water in Malith and War-baai and Mareeng Akel-wek and Malith, why are we not given water, all in these villages. Tell them that we need water, water only ,in Malith, War-baai and up to Majok. We are dying”
It is found in dug wells, many are far from where it’s found, people travel from village to another to search for local wells, Deng Deng Majok an elder in Malith complains of their problems and has this to say.
DENG ACT “What I am saying is, what happened? we have been enduring this situation of lack of water but used to drink water from dug wells, one here in War-cum, and the other in Lan-ageer during war, and now that peace has come there is no water. People tried to drill two boreholes but did not work. Last year also, the water kept in big tank has been said to be used using machine and the people left to bring the machine but didn’t come back with it. This village has been affected with problems such as drought, crops did not yield. Our goats and cows are now in a village called Majok”.
Hunger is another thing they said they are also faced with because drought seriously affected their crops a year ago when they cultivated and had yielded poorly.
Garang Mel Aleu a resident of Malith in highland says they only do petty economic activities to survive and has this to say.
GARANG ACT “People go deep to forest and collect gums and sell with 7 SDG, and then one buys sorghum to eat, that is how we are surviving here in the highland. Few of us have food to eat especially local traders. We cultivated but did yield poorly, drought affected them, no pest was noticed”
The residents’ complaints are centred on needs like lack of better learning places for children’s education.
I took another a car drive to War-cum village where i met few residents who told me that the needs are huge but education is among things that is not well attended to.
SXF of a car moving(car moving while to War-cum)
Salva Deng Akol,a resident of War-cum who is also a head- teacher at lower-primary school says their school in the villages are not working well, and appeals for help in employing more teachers.
“We tried to open the school, and now am still working as a teacher for about 5 years without being paid. No government considered it, am just staying no school working, no food to eat, and water to drink. The school runs from primary 1-4,now it collapsed, because teachers are not paid. I have been visiting ministry of Education department in the Aweil east county in order to sort out this issue so that the teaching goes on well, the appointment was done, but my names are missing on the list of those appointed”.
Residents accused government of having exerted its effort in provision of services to people close to NBEG headquarters and other major towns near to the state.
People living in far villages of highland such as Lieth, Angot, War-guet, Makuei are said also to be having the same problems of lacking better drinking water, food, and better learning places among others.
People in Malith and War-cum added that no government official has ever stepped on their soil to assess their problems.
Its now upon state government to get the redress to address these enormous issues that need solutions for these people.

The deputy governor and the minister of local government and law enforcement agency lakes state, Mr. Awan Guol Riak dismissed the speculation allegations that he has resigned from his position.


Speaking to Radio Rumbek FM98 over the phone from nairobi today, Guol said there is know where such rumor circulated around and not coming directly from him.


He added that this is not the first time for such speculations against the government of lakes state.


He also said for someone who is holding a position of the deputy governor and minister of local government to have such rumors going out from unknown source and not from him direct.


Guol said that he is now in nairobi on his private mission and hopefully within the few days he will be back to the state to resume his duty normally.


However, the deputy governor Mr. Awan Guol Riak left last month from the state for private mission to attend his medical treatment.

 By Chris Marol Maker

the speaker of lakes state legislative assembly honourable Isaiah Alier Manshinkok hijacked by his lawmakers during a session to inaugrate new members of  legislative assembly. followed the hijack of the speaker the acting governor and minister of local government and law enforcement agency instructed the state police force to close the premises of the assembly.

The acting governor and minister of local government and law enforcement agencies Mister Awan Goal Riak met with GOSS Arti-corruption commissioner with accompanying members of the commission on visited to state to familiar themselves with commission office and access the status of newly established anti-corruption commission.


He said the state government of lakes state did not delay the formation of anti-corruption commission office in Lakes state since it was decree by president of southern Sudan in Juba.


He appreciates their visited to state of Lakes for the first time since the commission was formed.

Guol said the government of Lakes is fully committed to support the office of anti-corruption commission and ensure that they coexistence of good governance in the state.


Riak said the cabinet is ever ready to share and have their input for the state anti-corruption Act soon it is presented to cabinet for discussion.


The commissioners of anti-corruption commission in the government of Southern Sudan Mr. Awad Masha urge the state government of Lakes to establish anti-corruption finance department that will really attach itself with commission to tackle issues of finance in the state.

Masha said their mission is to access the commission status on consultative process with state government and civil society groups to come out with anti-corruption strategy plan, as the commission is newly established to see it sensitive part of government.


Adding that Lakes state is once of the fourth state that had established anti-corruption commission office among ten states of Southern Sudan.


The chairpersons of the state anti-corruption commission office Mr. Dominic Madol give briefed details of their commission office status which he said there are elements of nepotism being practice in the state.


He said the office is in its starting point which is now preparing draft bill anti-corruption commission for state due to presented to council of ministers for discussion.


The acting governor and minister of local government and law enforcement agencies Mister Awan Guol Riak addressed a graduation ceremony of 184 batch 4th prison service officers and NCOs in Rumbek Lakes state that have completed 7 months training.


The total number of hundred and eighty four composed of none commission officers including 74 women that have successful understood the basic prison  laws and regulations with general military exercise and fitness to save in the prison service unit.


However the newly graduates were sworn in according to the prison  ACT 2003  for New Sudan which mandate them to exercise their prison duties with in the contact of law and regulations.

The Acting governor Mister Guol congratulated the graduates to have completed the entire necessary requirement to qualify them to save in the prison service of Lakes State and South Sudan.


He said with this  annual training for the prison service that are mainly drown at the level of eight counties of Lakes &  SPLA NCOs  it has contributed a lot to reduce doubt of prison service of transforming people to be good citizens.


He said that Rumbek prison and police station were not regarded as safety for anybody because those who committed crimes require immediate protection in the prison.


Adding that the state government of Lakes will help the prison service in providing the disputed lands that are now used as sources of clashes to wine out cultural ideology of anybody claiming ownership certain place.


Riak said on Behalf of Lakes state government its will ensure that law enforcement agencies are effective and efficient to maintain law and order in the state despite the present of the SPLA forces to do the work of police forces due to high level of insecurity in the state.



He appreciated the effective roles play by the UN agencies especially UNDP on the side of rule of law and  UNMIS that help to improved the capacity building and training for the law enforcement agencies forces to have knowledge to care out their duties diligently and with in the contact of law and order for the execution.


The Director of Rumbek correctional prison service Brigadier Benjamin Jok Yuol advised the newly graduates to used the knowledge they have gain in this training to protect people of Lakes state and transformed wrongdoers to be good citizens of the nation.


Prison service Director for training and colleges urge the state counties authority to select people with literacy for the training of the prison service forces that can help them enhance for further training or colleges in prison service career.


The function was attended all law enforcement agencies officers and UN agencies who play the advisory roles in the training of batch 4 prison officers and NCOs in Rumbek.


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